Family-Friendly Dining in Edmonton: Tips and Tricks from Jay Bee’s

As a family-friendly diner in the heart of Edmonton, we at Jay Bee’s understand the importance of a comfortable, enjoyable dining experience for the whole family. We’ve compiled some essential tips and tricks to make dining out with your little ones a delightful adventure.

1.Choose the Right Spot

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At Jay Bee’s, we pride ourselves on our welcoming atmosphere. Our spacious seating arrangement ensures that you have enough room for high chairs, booster seats, and all your family essentials. Plus, our location in a quieter part of Edmonton means less hustle and bustle and more quality family time.

2. Children’s Dish Options

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We believe that kids should have as many delicious options as adults. Our kids’ menu features a range of nutritious and tasty meals, from classic grilled cheese to mini versions of our famous burgers. Each kids’ meal comes with a fun activity sheet to keep the little ones busy.

3. Timing is Everything

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We recommend dining early to beat the rush. Our diner is perfect for early dinners, ensuring a relaxed environment for families. Plus, early dining often means quicker service – a bonus when dining with hungry kids!

4. Healthy Options for Growing Kids

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Health is at the forefront of our menu. We offer a variety of dishes packed with veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains, ensuring your kids get a balanced meal. Just ask our staff for our healthy options!

5. A Little Treat Goes a Long Way

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Every kid deserves a treat. At Jay Bee’s, we have a range of child-friendly desserts, from our homemade apple pie to ice-cream sundaes. These treats are perfect for a little post-meal indulgence.

6. Relaxed Atmosphere

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We understand that dining with kids can be unpredictable. Our staff is trained to be patient and accommodating, ensuring a stress-free experience for parents. With our relaxed atmosphere, you don’t have to worry about the occasional spill or noise.

7. Celebrate Special Occasions

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Birthdays, graduations, or just because – we love hosting your special occasions. Let us know in advance, and we can arrange a little something extra to make your celebration even more memorable.

8. Feedback and Flexibility

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Your feedback helps us improve. We are always open to suggestions on how to make our diner more family-friendly. Plus, our kitchen is flexible with meal customizations to suit picky eaters.


At Jay Bee’s Diner in Edmonton, we believe in creating a family-friendly environment where everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, feels welcome and satisfied. Our combination of a kid-friendly menu, comfortable setting, and accommodating staff makes us the ideal destination for family dining in Edmonton. So, gather your loved ones and head down to Jay Bee’s Diner – where family memories are made over great food!

Come in, relax, and enjoy family dining at its best – only at Jay Bee’s Diner in Edmonton.